Release Notes - 2 August 2021

We are excited to announce the below features will be released in Play HQ UAT environment on Friday 23rd July and production on Monday 2nd August (unless otherwise agreed with PlayHQ)




Flexible Membership Option

(UAT Only)

Flexible memberships allow Tenant Admins and Admin Body admins to configure 3,6 and 9 month memberships in addition to the current 12 month membership periods.  When registering to a competition and a membership is required participants can choose which membership they wish to purchase based on what has been set up by the admin body and what will cover them for the current season.

Configurable Membership Dates

(UAT Only)

Configurable membership dates will allow admin bodies admins to specify how a participants membership start and end date is calculated.  Admin bodies will now be able to configure:

  • Start date for early registration (before season start date) - Admins can select if the participant is granted a grace period and the membership will be calculated from the season start date or no grace period is given and the membership is calculated from the participant registration date
  • Start date for late registration  (during season)- Admins can select if the participants membership expiry will be calculated from the season start date, effectively backdating the start of the participants membership to the start of the season or the membership expiry is calculated from the participant registration date
  • In addition admins will now have the ability to edit the membership end date of an individual participant

Profile Matching -


Registration flows for all tenants will now have Profile Matching turned on in UAT.

When a participant registers, a check will occur that will find any other PlayHQ profile that has matching First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Gender plus one of Postcode, Mobile Phone Number or Organisation of Registration. If any profiles return as a match, they will be shown on a new registration step called ‘Claim Profiles’.

Matching profiles will fall in to one of three categories:

  • Profiles that don’t require verification
  • Profiles that require verification
  • Profiles that can’t be claimed and merged

All profiles that don’t require verification can automatically be claimed and merged by the participant.When the registrant clicks the ‘verify profile’ button for any profile in the second category, an email with a verification code will be sent to the email address attached to that profile. The participant must enter the verification code in order to claim the profile initiate a merge for that profile.

All profiles that fall into the third category require the participant to contact support in order to proceed with their merge.

Matching profiles must be claimed and merged by a participant before they are able to continue on with the registration process. 

Registrants to Basketball Victoria will not be forced to claim and merge any matched profiles, instead they may click the ‘continue’ button to skip the claim profiles step.

When a profile is claimed and merged, all registration history attached to the ‘matched’ profile is merged into the profile the registrant is logged in to during their registration. The ‘matched’ profile is then archived. 

Depending on the scenario life bans, incidents, suspensions and merchandise orders can be merged.

Best Players

(UAT Only)

The Best Players feature allows clubs and teams to nominate the best performing players in a game and publish their names on the public game centre.

  • Associations can enable the best players feature in grade settings within a competition
  • Once enabled association admins can set how many best players can be selected 
  • Admins can then select the best players for a game from the game details page
  • Team Managers and Coaches with management access can also select best players for a game via My Teams
  • Best Players will appear in the game centre for finalised games

For more information on best players click here

AFL Game sheets

(Already released) 

AFL specific game sheets are now available to be downloaded from Game Day and Game Details.  Score sheets include match information, details of players selected in lineup, player signature section, stats and role details.

Tenant Specific Coach Accreditation

Each tenant will now have their sport specific coach accreditation levels available for selection when a participant completes a registration form as a coach.  Tenants can now also choose to not have a coach select a coach accreditation when registering. 

International Fields

Profile fields have now been updated to allow for international participants.  These updates include:

  • In addition to Australia, mobile phone country code can now be selected from: Canada, Denmark, England, Fiji, Nauru, New Zealand, Sweden and UAE
  • In addition to Australia, country relating to address can be selected from: Canada, Denmark, England, Fiji, Nauru, New Zealand, Sweden and UAE

New Email Notifications

  • A transfer declined email will now be sent to all organisations involved in a player transfer to notify them the transfer has been declined and the reason
  • An email will be sent to a participant when their competition registration is cancelled

Permits Bug Fix

When creating permit agreements and searching for organisations in the to and from fields, the fields were locking and freezing.  This has now been resolved and agreements can be created.

Competition Registration DWH file

Available for Cricket and AFL tenants only. Please find payload and schema information here: 

Competition Registration Webhook

Final trigger for pending activation registrations. Please find payload and trigger information here: 

FLR API Endpoints

The following API endpoints are available within the UAT environment only:

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