Participant Support to Merge a PlayHQ Profile

During the registration process, you may be asked to merge duplicate profiles that already exist in PlayHQ.

If due to a profile merge you are unable to complete your registration, please click here to contact your sporting organisation.

When sending a support request, please include the details below:

# Information Additional Information
1 What is your full name?  
2 Are you registering yourself or a dependant? Dependants may be children. If changing details for a dependant, please provide their name along with your name.
3 What sport are you attempting to register for?  
4 What is the name of the organisation(s) (such as league, association or club) that you are attempting to register for?   
5 What is the competition or program you are registering for?  
6 What is the email address in your profile?  
7 Additional information from the matched profile.

Example 1:

I cannot verify a profile match because I no longer have access to the email address in the matched profile.

(Please include the email address in the support request)


Example 2:

I am unable to continue because PlayHQ has matched me to a profile that isn't mine.

(Please include details of the matched profile)

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