Release Notes - 19 July 2021

We are excited to announce the below features will be released in Play HQ UAT environment on the Monday 19th July. 

Some features have been released to partners testing environments only and are not yet enabled in Production (shall be enabled in a future release)




Gender Diversity

We are excited to announce that with guidance from Pride in Sport Australia we are updating our available gender options.  Participants will be able to select from the below gender options when registering 

  • Female
  • Male
  • Non-Binary
  • Different Identity
  • Prefer not to say

These updates will also be reflected across the PlayHQ admin portal, administrators will now see the updated gender options:

  • Team allocation page drop downs
  • In a participants profile 
  • Advanced options for setting fees on registration forms
  • Age and gender options within ‘My Organisation’

Any participant who had previously registered with the gender ‘Other’ will continue to have this gender on their profile until the next time they register.

Review New Registrations

Associations will now be able to decide if new registrations should go to a pending state and be reviewed and approved by club or association administrators.  The review new registrations feature includes:

  • New setting to configure whether new players must be approved for a competition
  • Associations can set whether clubs are able to approve new players
  • Additional status column added to participant list, showing if a participant’s registration is active, pending or cancelled.
  • The ability to view each participant’s registration date and status, and filter by status, in the competition season participant list.
  • A ‘Pending’ player cannot be added to a team or have a suspension attributed to them in a competition season.

A new player is a participant who has never registered or participated with the organisation they are registering to.

For more information on Reviewing New Registrations click here 

Minimum Players

Note this will be available in production on 12th July

Lineup limits allows administrators to set competition wide or for individual grades the minimum and maximum number of players required for a game.  Player limits will assist when enabling play points and ensure teams do not stack their teams, or in situations where if a team does not have a certain number of players, then a forfeit would apply. Included in this feature:

  • The Player limits grade setting has been renamed to Lineup limits and will in the future include coach limits. 
  • The default minimum player number is zero
  • Administrators will now have the ability to set a minimum and a maximum number of players that apply to a team in a game.  These restrictions are applied everywhere a lineup can be selected:
    • Admin portal for association and club admins
    • The participant portal for team managers, coaches and team organisers within ‘'My Teams’' if management access has been given.
    • For scorers and admins via the electronic scoring application.

Player Points

Player points ensure competitions are balanced and avoid situations where teams include a number of high level players, in order to have an unfair advantage in their grade level. Included in this feature:

  • Introduction of new competition and individual grade settings to:
    • Enable player points
    • Enforcing team total player points caps when selecting lineups
    • Enabling player points but not enforcing team total player points caps when selecting lineups
  • Association admins can increase or decrease individual team point caps.
  • A new club management setting for association admins to configure dates when club admins are able to assign player points for a season.
  • The ability for association and club admins to manage player points
  • A new Statistics tab within participants profile to view player points history
  • Player points to appear and be enforced (if applicable) on team lineups (admin portal, participant portal (coming soon) and on live scoring)
  • Updated Competition Participant report with players player points.

For more information on player points, click here

Promotional Voucher (Multiple Use)  

Tenant information only

Tenant’s super admins will now have the ability to create promotional vouchers which can be applied to every organisation level of fees across a transaction. For example, tenants may decide to use promotional vouchers in the instance of sponsorship campaigns.  

  • Ability for Tenant Super Admins to create a promotional voucher
  • Target specific competitions or programs they wish to discount
  • Ability to edit / deactivate the voucher at any time
  • Promotional Vouchers will not discount products

As the voucher can be applied across multiple levels of fees, it is important sports communicate any creation of these vouchers to clubs, associations and state bodies.

Bug Fixes

When a participant does not meet the age requirements to register to a competition, the error message is now immediately shown at the top of the Participant Details registration step.

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