If enabled on a competition, the “New Player Approval” feature allows for all new players at an association to be made ‘Pending’ until reviewed and 'Approved’ by an association administrator or club (if enabled).

A ‘Pending’ player cannot be added to a team or have a suspension attributed to them in a competition season. Only once a participant is “approved” do they become “active” and can be added to a team.

What is a ‘new’ participant?

A participant is deemed to be ‘New’ for an association if the profile associated with the participation record does not have any other previous records directly to that association.

The most common example of a ‘new’ participant is when the participation record is the first registration to that organisation.

If a participant registers to a club in an association's competition, and later registers for a different club within the same association's competition but in a new season, they will be considered new. 

Enabling New Player Approval

New Player Approval is configured at a competition level, and can be enabled for either existing or new competitions:

For existing competitions, navigate to the settings area of the relevant competition


For new competitions, the New Player Approval toggle appears in the first page of a “Create new Competition” form within the Competition Management area


When you toggle the feature on, the option to Allow approval by clubs is also displayed and can be toggled on to allow clubs to “activate” a new player on the behalf of the association


Viewing a participants status

To view if a participant is new, their registration date and status, navigate to the participants section of your competition.


In this area, use the filter box, to filter on all pending participants.


This will allow you to easily identify which participants are required to be approved in order to select them in a line up or game


Approving a pending player

To approve a pending player, select the View button next to a pending player


Select the registration record and then select Approve Player


Confirm your selection by selecting Yes, Approve Player button.

The player now be set to active and able to be added to teams, line-ups and games.
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