What is a Season Permit?

The Season Permits feature allows a player to participate for a club in a competition season over a date range without registering to that club. Currently only AFL, Cricket Australia, New Zealand Cricket and Hockey New Zealand organisations has this feature enabled

What is the eligibility criteria for a season permit request?

A number of eligibility checks are made before a season permit request can be submitted, these include:

  • Season permits is enabled for the tenant

  • The player has registered to the season or an additional season has been configured by the tenant admin

  • Player does not have a life ban

  • Player has not already registered to the same club or competition/season

  • Player has not already permitted to the club or competition/season

Who submits and approves a season permit?

Season permits are requested by the destination club in the admin portal and require approval from the source club, source association and destination association before the player is able to participate.

Please visit Creating a Season Permit Request and Approving/Declining a Season Permit support guides for more information

What happens when a season permit is created?

Once approved, a season permit creates a participation record in the destination club’s season participant list, giving them and their association access to the participant’s profile.

This allows them to add the player to a game within the Admin Portal and Electronic Scoring applications and view and update custom fields for the season participation record

Permitted players will also show up in the destination organisation participation report.

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