Creating a Season Permit Request

Applicable to: Association and Club Administrators, Participants
Application(s): Admin Portal > Transfers & Permits > Settings
Participant Portal > Registrations

This article will cover the following:

  1. How to create a Season Permit by a club administrator
  2. How to create a Season Permit by a participant

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Season Permits created by Club Admins

To create a season permit request, navigate to the Transfers & Permits section, and select New Season Permit Request (Note: only the clubs wishing to receive the permitting player can initiate the request).


There are 3 areas of the “New Season Permit Request” form to fill out:

  1. Select the organisation, competition, and season which you require the player to participate in
  2. Select the dates you wish the player to participate in using the From and To Field
  3. Search and select the player you wish to Permit by entering the Club the player currently plays for, and the Last name of the player. For a more refined results, also enter the First Name and Date of Birth of the player you wish to permit

Once complete, select Review.


If you have reviewed all the details in the New Season Permit Request, you can submit the request by selecting Submit New Season Permit Request


Once submitted, PlayHQ will check if the player is within the allowed number of concurrent Season Permits for your sport, if successful, it will trigger the approval flow, please visit Approving/Declining a Season Permit support guide for more information.

Season Permits created by Participants

A season permit request is a request for a player to register to a new club without changing their home club of affiliation. It can be initiated by a player, during registration to their intended new club.

A Season Permit requires the approval of the player’s current and new club, and their current and new association before the player can complete their registration to their new club.

It differs from Season Permits that are created by club admins because in this scenario, the participant must pay registration fees, answer custom fields and has the option to purchase products such as merchandise.

When is a Season Permit triggered during registration

A season permit request is only required if all of the following conditions are met:

  • The player is registering to a club (not an association)
  • The player’s registration is to a different club then their current club or to a different competition season; and
  • The competition being registered to has participant led season permits enabled

Season Permits requests are never required for coach or team manager registrations, for independent (non-club) registrations, for the first registration within a competition, for subsequent registrations to the same club within a competition, for registrations to a different competition run by the same association

If the above criteria is met, the participant will see a “Request to Play”.



They will have the option to initiate a Transfer (if applicable, see Submitting a transfer request) or a Season Permit.

If the participant wishes to play for an additional club without changing there “home” club, they should select a Season Permit and then Select Submit Request to Play


This will trigger an approval flow for the club and association admins. Refer to Approving/Declining a Season Permit support guide for more information.

Once approved, the participant will receive and email to complete their registration.


Once the registration is complete, a season permit record will be created for the destination organisation, and they will be able to be added to a team and/or lineup for their new club.

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