Association administrators can create incidents against a particular match. This will allow them to capture any 'Behavioural' incidents, i.e Striking, Verbal abuse, that a player commits during a match. Administrators can also add an outcome to an incident based on tribunal decision on what disciplinary action the player should face. 

When logging an incident, administrators will be required to enter the following information

  • Team 

  • Player 

  • Offence Type (this will be a list of Offences provided by the sporting body)

  • Note (Description of the incident)

Administrators will also have the option of entering contact information of the person who reported the incident (i.e Coach, Team Manager, Spectator)

When adding an outcome to an Incident, administrators will have the following options 

  • Not Guilty (No further action required) 

  • Guilty (with the following actions) 

    • Warning / Caution (Note about the player's behaviour)

    • Fine (Player is found guilty of an offence an is required to pay a fine)

    • Suspension (Player is found guilty of an offence and is suspended from participation for a set period of time)

If a player is suspended they will not be able to be selected in a lineup for match, this suspension is tenant-wide 

Once an outcome has been added, the administrator can choose to leave the incident open or close it off.

Key points to note:

  • Only Association administrators will be able to create an incident within a match 

  • Once an incident has been created this information will be available on the players profile in the admin portal , including the incident details and the outcome decision 

  • If there are multiple players involved in an incident, each player will require their own incident as the platform will only allow one player to be recorded per incident. This will enable different outcomes to be recorded against each incident, if applicable, including different levels of disciplinary action

Creating an Incident 

Navigate to the GameDay Page and locate the match use wish to log an incident against and click the details button



Once in the Match Details page, select the new Incidents Tab 



Click the Add Incident button 

The behaviour option will be preselected, click the Start button to continue 
Once on the Create Incident page, complete the mandatory fields 
The participant list will populate with all players, coaches and team managers participating in that particular match
Select the offence that this incident relates to.
The offence list is provided by the sporting body. More information about the offences available can be found by clicking the icon next to the Offence heading field, which will display an information window.
Once all of the mandatory fields have been completed, click the Create Incident button which will be activated. 
Once the incident is created, it can be viewed in the Incidents tab of the match

Editing Incidents

To edit an incident, select the Details button on the appropriate record.

On the Incident page, select the Edit button. 
Once on the edit screen, the highlighted fields will be editable.
The participant field is locked and cannot be edited. If the wrong participant was selected during the creation of an incident, the existing incident will need to be deleted and a new incident created.


Adding an Outcome 

After an incident has been created, Association administrators will be able to add an outcome. 

To add an outcome, navigate to the View Incident page, scroll down and click the Add Outcome button 

On the create outcome screen the offender and offence will be preselected from the incident. The offence field can be changed if the charge needs to be downgraded or upgraded. You will then need to select an option of guilty or not guilty. 


Setting Not Guilty Outcome 

If a participant is not guilty, then select the not guilty option. Administrators is required to enter supporting information in the mandatory Notes field and can choose whether they want to leave the incident open or may close it off if no further action is required. 

Once all of the relevant information is entered click the Create Outcome button. This information will be updated in the outcome details section of the incident.


Setting Guilty Outcome  - Warning / Caution or Fine 

If a participant is found guilty of an offence but the a suspension is not required, the administrator has the option of setting a guilty status with a warning or fine.

Once again in the create outcome screen , select the guilty outcome option then select the action you wish to enforce 

For a warning / caution, the administrator will need to enter information in the mandatory notes field and select if they want the incident to remain open or closed.
For a fine, the administrator will need to enter a dollar amount the offender is required to pay and information in the mandatory notes field and then select if they want the incident to remain open or closed.
Once all the relevant information is entered click the Create Outcome button. This information will be updated in the outcome details section of the incident.

Setting Guilty Outcome - Suspension 

If a participant is found guilty of an offence and the punishment warrants a suspension, an administrator has the ability to enforce this via the Guilty - Suspension Outcome.

To do this navigate to the Create Outcome section of the incident, select Guilty and Suspension as the Action 

The administrator will see four mandatory fields:

  • Number of Games/Weeks ( Free text field) 

  • Start Date (Date from which the suspension should commence)

  • End Date (Date on which the suspension should end)

  • Notes  




Once all the relevant information is entered click the create outcome button. This information will be updated in the outcome details section of the incident.

After a suspension is recorded, a player will NOT be able to be selected in match line up tenant-wide for the duration of the suspension i.e from start date to end date. 

Additionally, a suspended status will be added to the players profile and will be visible in all selection Line Up screens



Incident and Suspensions information in the Player Profile 

To ensure administrators have visibility of a player's current incident or suspension against in the platform, there is a new Incidents and Suspensions tab within the Player profile page in the admin portal 


All relevant incident information will be displayed including any outcomes. 

Additionally, all incident information is displayed on the transfers screen to enable administrators to be notified if a suspended player is attempting to transfer into their organisation.


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