Set Up and Manage Shop

Admins can choose whether to sell products on their Registration Forms or in a public-facing Shop.

This article describes how to set up and manage your Shop.

  1. Set up your Shop
    1. Turn your Shop on
    2. Make products appear in your Shop
  2. View your Shop
  3. View and report on Shop orders
  4. FAQs

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Set up your Shop

Setting up your Shop requires you to update the Shop visibility settings. There are two steps:

  1. Turn your Shop on
  2. Make products appear in your Shop

Turn your Shop on

Turning your Shop on will result in a new ‘Shop’ tab appearing on your Organisation’s public PlayHQ page.

Example of a Shop tab 2.png

To make your Shop tab visible on your organisation’s PlayHQ page, go to Admin Portal > Products > Shop Settings.

Your Shop will be empty until you add products.


Turn your Shop to Visible 2.png

Make products appear in your Shop

Next, you’ll want to start selling products in your Shop.


Add existing products to your Shop

To add existing products to your Shop, navigate to Products, find the product you want to add and click ‘Edit’.

Then scroll to the bottom of the page where the Visibility settings are located. Change Shop Visibility to ‘Active’.

Edit Shop visibility for a Product.png

Note: You can control settings for the Registration Form here too. A product can be active in the Shop but inactive on Registration Forms, and vice versa.

Add new products to your Shop

To add a new product to your Shop, navigate to Products, select the product type you want to create and select Add Product.

Fill in the required fields and set the Visibility for Shop to ‘Active’.


View your Shop

To see your Shop, navigate to Admin Portal > Products. In the top right, select View Shop.

Your Shop will open in a new tab. Any products you’ve added to the Shop will be visible to everyone who visits your Organisation's page on the PlayHQ website.

You can also copy a link of your Shop to share with others.

View your Shop.png

View and report on Shop orders

You can view the details of each order by going to Admin Portal > Products > Orders.

View Product Orders.png


You can also generate an Orders Report which can be used to track or report on orders, and the Transaction Report can be used to list purchases. To generate this report navigate to Admin Portal > Reports > Financial.

Download Orders Report.png



Can my products be purchased by anyone?

Yes, if your Shop is set to ‘Visible’ then the Shop tab will appear to anyone who visits your Organisations profile on PlayHQ.

Anyone who accesses the PlayHQ website can purchase a product from your Shop, regardless of whether they’re a registered participant, or just a supporter. The user must login or create an account before making a purchase.


I haven’t set up my payment details, can I still use the Shop?

You must set up your Organisation’s payment details before you can make your Shop visible. This allows you to receive payouts for orders made via the Shop. To update your payment details, navigate to Admin Portal > My Organisation > Payments.

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