Updates to webhooks to capture Cricket Fielding Statistics

Cricket-specific changes have been made to the below webhooks which support the release of the cricket fielding statistics feature (detailed here):

  • Game Summary (GAME.UPDATED)
  • Live Game Score Event (LIVE_GAME.SCORE_EVENT)
  • Live Game Scorecard Updated (LIVE_GAME.SCORECARD_UPDATED)

New Position Field

A new 'position' field has been added to the Shared Statistics array in each of the LIVE_GAME.SCORE_EVENT and LIVE_GAME.SCORECARD_UPDATED webhooks.

The ‘position’ field will only ever populate in the event a Caught Dismissal occurs and the scorer indicates the participant's role involved in the catch was a Wicket Keeper. 

This allows the application of more granular fielding statistics when scoring a game within the e-Scoring Portal.

Here is a snippet of the payload:

"sharedStatistics": [
       "type": "CAUGHT",
       "appearances": [
          "id": "738a11b6-7a70-4389-8eb2-7b7614df324c",
           "role": "BOWLING"
           "id": "21fe7f3b-c528-4f44-8f54-0168b0be319a",
           "role": "BATTING"
           "id": "a83dfee4-75df-48f7-873e-59826b1e560a",
           "role": "FIELDING",
           "position": "WICKET_KEEPER"


New Statistic Types

New statistic types will populate within the existing periods.teams.appearances.statistics.type field in the LIVE_GAME.SCORE_EVENT, LIVE_GAME.SCORECARD_UPDATED and GAME.UPDATED webhooks.

Here is a list of the new statistic types:



Additional information

For full samples of related payloads, please visit the below links on the PlayHQ Documentation Site:


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