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This article will cover the following:

  1. Details regarding where the add new round option can be found and in what circumstances the option is available
  2. How to add a new round to a Domestic or Home & Away Competition fixture in the PlayHQ Admin Portal

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Add new round location and availability

The add new round option can be found in an existing Domestic or Home & Away grade's fixturing settings for the Regular Season Fixture, only:


There are a number of circumstances when the Add new round option will either be not available at all or inactive. These are described below.

Not available

Add new round is not available in the following circumstances:

  • when a grade belongs to a Tournament competition
  • when a grade has not been fixtured


The add new round button will appear but will be inactive in the following circumstances:

  • when the current date falls after the end date of the season the grade belongs to
  • when there are no longer any teams in a fixtured grade i.e. they have all been regraded out
  • when finals teams have already been assigned from the ladder

How to add a new round 

There are a few key things to understand when adding a round. This feature: 

  • Is available for a regular season fixture, only i.e. not finals
  • Will add a new round at the end of the regular season fixture, only. You cannot insert a new round mid-season.
  • Will add the new round 7 days from the previous round's round date.
  • Will push finals (if they exist) out 7 days from the newly added round's round date.
  • Will take into account any existing exception dates applied to the grade. 

Many of the above are explained in more detail in the sections below.

Basic overview

Click the button

Adding a round is quite simple in that all you need to do is click the button:


Preview page

You may then review the updated fixture on the resulting preview page. There are a few important things to note regarding this preview:

  • The round has not been officially added at this stage. You may still cancel and the new round will not be added.
  • The new round, as well as any finals rounds will be highlighted in red in the new fixture. This indicates a change. 


Add the new round

If you're happy with the preview, you may click the Add New Round button on the page. This will officially add the new round. Once this has been done:


The new round will appear in the fixture - the fixture algorithm will pick up where it left off in the previous round and be applied to the new round... in the case of a Home & Away competition, the venue/playing surface will be assigned as per the home team:



The grade's fixture settings / dates will be updated to reflect that a new round exists:


Exception dates

If an exception date exists for the grade and happens to conflict with either the new round or an updated finals round date, that impact will be shown on the preview page.


Multiple Game Types

In the case of a tenant that has multiple game types i.e. Cricket, when the Add new round button has been selected, you will need to select the game type to apply to the new round before proceeding to the preview page. Note that if 2day+ is selected, you will need to specify whether or not the new round will be held on consecutive days, or not.


All existing logic regarding 2day+ round dates has been upheld for the add new round feature e.g. if the previous last round was a 2day+ consecutive round, the newly added round's 1st round date will be +7 days from the first round date in the previous round.


Integration Points

Grade Fixture Updated Webhook

A newly added round will trigger the Grade Fixture Updated webhook.


Fixture for Grade V2 API

A newly added round (and updates to the rest of the fixture) will be available in a Fixture for grade V2 payload, when called.

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