Rolling over association teams

Applicable to: Association Administrators
Application(s): Admin Portal > Competition Setup > Teams

This article will cover the following:

  1. An overview of when the team rollover is available for associations.
  2. An overview of the association team rollover process and what is/is not included.

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Completing an association team rollover will save you time by ensuring that all of your association-created teams can be copied over from one season to another to serve as a starting point for a new season.


This article describes how to initiate and complete an association team rollover.


Please note that the Association team rollover only includes teams that were created by the association. It does not include:

  • Teams registered via the Team to Season form.
  • Club teams - club teams will need to be rolled over separately by each Club.


Using the association team rollover

To begin an association team rollover, navigate to the Teams list at the Association within a Season of a Competition of any type i.e. the association team rollover will be available in seasons of Domestic, Home & Away, and Tournament Competitions.   


Association team rollover availability

Because teams live within a season, the association team rollover process - and its availability for use - is a bit different than the season rollover process. 


First of all, navigate to the Teams list of the Competition Season - at the Association level - you would like to roll association teams into. The team rollover option will not be immediately apparent. When you click the Add a Team button, the association team rollover option will be available in certain circumstances. This is what the option looks like:



The next sections below describe when the option is available and when it is not. 



The Rollover Association Teams option will not be provided after clicking the Add a Team button i.e. the Add a Team button will only let you add individual association teams, as per normal, if the following are true:

  • No other seasons exist in the competition.
  • 1 or more association-created teams already exist in the season you are trying to roll association teams over into.


The Rollover Association Teams option will appear after clicking the Add a Team button if the following are true:

  • At least 1 other season exists in the competition.
  • No association-created teams already exist in the season you are trying to roll association teams over into.


"How would you like to add association teams?" window

Let's look at the 2 options you can choose from when the Rollover Association Teams option is presented.



Rollover all association teams from a previous season will take you into the Rollover association teams wizard. The next section will provide more information on this.


Add association teams manually one-by-one will allow you to add individual association teams, as per normal.


The association team rollover wizard

Once the "Rollover all association teams" option is selected / you continue, you will be taken to the first page of a 2-step wizard.


Step 1

In the initial step, you will need to select the season of the same Competition that you would like to rollover association teams from. This is called the source season. 



Step 2

After selecting a source season, you may continue to the 2nd step by using the Next button. The 2nd step is essentially a review page.



Let's look more closely at this page, as well as what details are rolled over:

  • Source season / competition - These details are provided just to ensure are reminded of the competition and season you are rolling over from.
  • Teams to be created - This is the number of association-created teams that exist in the source season and will be rolled over into the destination season.
  • All team attributes - All team attributes will be rolled over.

You can choose the Rollover Teams button to being the rollover.


Completing the association team rollover

Once you've initiated the association team rollover, you will be taken back to the Team list in the season you started the process from and a message will appear stating that the teams are being rolled over:



Note that this message will appear to any admin in your organisation viewing the Team list. To refresh the page, you can either navigate away (if you need to take care of other things in the admin portal) and come back to the page or you may choose the Refresh button. 


Successful completion

Once the association team rollover completes and a refresh is done, the "Rollover in progress" message will go away and all successfully rolled over association teams will appear. The Add a Team button can once again be used to add more association teams manually.



Unsuccessful completion

If association teams have errored for any reason, a message will appear in the Team list. You can drop down the error to view the names of all teams that have errored. Note that all association teams that have rolled over successfully will display in the team list.


PlayHQ would encourage you to hit the Retry button to attempt another rollover of those teams that have failed. If teams continue to fail for some reason, please save the list of team that failed to pdf. From there you can hit the Accept link and enter those errored teams manually.

If you have been presented with errors, you will need to either complete the association team rollover successfully or Accept the errors to once again be able to add association teams manually.



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