Generate a Transfers Report

The Transfers report allows admins to view transfer requests that have been raised for a particular organisation, competition and season.

To access the Transfers Report, select Reports and then the Transfers & Permits tab.

Generating a Transfers Report

To generate the report, select the relevant Organisation, Competition and Season, (you also have the option to limit it to a date range of when the transfer was created) and then click the Generate button:

Association administrators are not required to select Organisation


Which transfers requests can I see?

  • Administration Body Administrators (ie. at State or Region level) will be able to see a list of Transfer requests for their own organisation’s competitions AND all of the organisations beneath them in the hierarchy.

  • Association administrators will be able to view transfer requests associated with competitions created by their organisation

  • Club administrators will be able to view transfer requests for their participants in competitions that their organisation participates in

Report Fields

The report will generate information based on the following fields in a CSV format:

  • Date Created

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Profile ID

  • Date of Birth

  • Gender

  • Source Club

  • Source Association

  • Source Competition

  • Source Season

  • Destination Club

  • Destination Association

  • Destination Competition

  • Destination Season

  • Status

  • Declined Reason

  • Declined Detail

  • Date Last Updated

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