Release Notes - 31st March 2023

We are excited to announce the below features will be released in PlayHQ UAT environment on Friday 31st March 2023 and production on Tuesday 4th April 2023.

Feature Description 

Season Permit Report

The Season Permits report allows admins to view season permit requests that have been raised for a particular organisation, competition, and season.

Learn how to generate a season permit report via this support article

Applicable to: Association and Club Administrators
Application: Admin Portal > Reports > Transfers & Permits

Allow Admin to replace team organiser for a team

Association Administrators will now have the ability to update the Team Organiser for a team registered via the team to season registration form. By doing so, the updated Team Organiser will have access to select line-ups via the My Teams section of the Participant Portal.

Learn how to replace a team organiser for a team via this support article.

Applicable to: Association and Club Administrators
Application: Admin Portal > Competition > Season > Teams > View Team

Informative text added to Organisation Details page

Additional text added to Organisation Details page in order to educate Admins on how to correctly add or adjust their address.

The text will read: Participants and other users will be directed to this location on public portals (, or participant apps). In addition, this data may be used by our sporting partners for map integrations. If precise location is required, enter the Longitude and Latitude coordinates in the space provided.

Applicable to: Association Administrators
Application: Admin Portal > My Organisation > Overview


Feature Description 

Participant portal title change from Total Score to Total Points 

Within the statistics section of a participant's public profile, the title of the stat line will read as Total Points, updated from Total Score.

Applicable to: Participants
Application: Participant Portal > Public Profile


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