PlayHQ portals and protecting participant information

Applicable to: Association and Club Administrators, Scorers, Team Managers, Participants
Application(s): Entire PlayHQ Platform

This article will cover the following:

  1. How the PlayHQ portals work.
  2. Who should have access to each portal.
  3. PlayHQ's security and privacy recommendations.

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The PlayHQ platform consists of three portals to enable appropriate tasks to be completed. These portals include the Admin Portal, Participant Portal and Electronic Scoring Portal. The platform has been designed so that the appropriate level of access is given to the appropriate personnel, and in doing so, protecting the information of participants and officials.



Security and privacy

At PlayHQ, protection of data and privacy is of the upmost importance. PlayHQ adheres to industry standard protocols to ensure information is always safe and secure. But data security and privacy doesn't stop with us, organisation administrators are responsible for giving the appropriate level of access to other personnel so that information remains safe and secure.

It's important to note that every person who is added as a Full Access or Affiliate Admin will have access to participant information and reports. So with this in mind, it's critical that Admin access is given sparingly and well considered through a stringent process, as well as being reviewed regularly.

Role Type Access to view
  Admin Portal eScoring Portal Participant Information Participant Reports General Reports
Association Full Access Admin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Association Affiliate Admin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Club Full Access Admin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Electronic Scoring Admin Yes
Team Management Access Yes


Association admin role types


Full Access and Affiliate Admins have access to all functionality to successfully create and manage competitions, invite clubs to competitions, setup and edit registration forms, as well as view and download participant data. In addition, Affiliate Admins can navigate to a club’s instance of PlayHQ, allowing tasks to be carried out as if they were a full access club administrator.

*Affiliate Admins can only see Club organisations if the Association is set to be a parent of those clubs.


Club admin role types


Full Access Club Admins are responsible for managing registrations, payments, and tasks such as team entry. Club Admins can also view and download participant data.


Electronic scoring only admin

Association or Club Administrators can allocate Electronic Scoring Admins, enabling scorers to login to the Electronic Scoring Portal ( Electronic Scoring Admins do not have access to the Admin Portal.


Allocation of electronic scoring only admin

When your Association or Club Administrator allocates you to be an electronic scoring admin, your PlayHQ account credentials will give you login access to the Electronic Scoring Portal (


Team management access

Association and Club Administrators can allocate Coaches, Captains, and Team Managers for each team. If given management access, the Participant Portal transforms into a team management centre, where they can manage teams, select line-ups, enter scores and statistics.


Allocation of team management access

When your Association or Club Administrator allocates you to a role that has management access, you’ll see the unlocked icon within the My Teams section of your Participant Portal ( when logged in.

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