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Electronic Scoring Application (

This article will cover the following:

  1. How the integration between PlayHQ and Teampay works
  2. Methods for making game payments
  3. How to setup a Teampay account
  4. How to turn on Teampay feature within the PlayHQ Admin Portal

Please note the TeamPay integration is currently available for Basketball only

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Please note that the TeamPay and PlayHQ integration is currently available to Basketball only and requires activation by the Association Admin.


Teampay is a Game Payments product that allows team payments to be made electronically by participants on a game by game basis instead of paying upfront for the whole season.

It is typically associated with social sport where participants don’t necessarily play every week and therefore enabling a team to pay each game creates far more flexibility for the Team Organisers/Managers to attract players.

PlayHQ have integrated with Teampay to display a game’s payment status via the electronic scoring application, prior to the game starting.

The Game Payments feature will be available for associations who use a game payments provider (currently only Teampay). The feature can be turn on or off at a tenant level.

Teampay Quickstart

For Players

Teampay have developed a quickstart guide to help participants easily setup Teampay. For more how-to resources for Teampay, visit their resource hub.

For Organisations

If your Association is interested in utilising all the benefits of Teampay, you can book a demonstration here.

Payment Types

Teampay has two payment types, which we approach slightly differently:

  • Per Team – A fixed amount for the entire team. For this payment type, PlayHQ will display either Paid or Unpaid for the team.

  • Per Player – Each player pays separately. For this payment type, PlayHQ will display the numbers of players paid. If the number of players paid is 0 then the overall payment status is Unpaid, if 1 or more have paid then the overall payment status is Paid.

How to use this feature

Admin Portal

If the Association has a valid contract with Team Pay, then Association Admins will have the ability to turn Game Payments on or off at a Grade Default level (in a Competition’s settings). If toggled on, this means that any new Grades created within that Competition will have Game Payments turned on by default.


Changing the Competition Default settings to allow Game Payments will not alter any existing Grade's settings. For any existing Grades, navigate to each Grade’s settings to turn Game Payments on or off.


Electronic Scoring Application (

If the Association has a valid contract with Team Pay, and Game Payments are turned on for a Grade, then in the e-Scoring Portal a ‘Payments’ menu option will appear against a game page. The game must fall on today's date in order for the 'Payments' option to appear.

Clicking on the 'Payments' option will bring up a ‘Game Payments’ modal with details of each team’s payment type and payment status (if available).


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