Club Admin Access to Game Day & Game Details

Applicable to: Association and Club Administrators
Application(s): Admin Portal > Game Day > Game Details

This article will cover the following:

  1. What Club Admins will have access to within Game Day section
  2. How to enter scores within Game Day
  3. How Association Admins can give temporary access to Club Admins

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For many sports, the Club Administrator plays a key role in ensuring competitions are run efficiently and accurately. To manage game details such as lineups and statistics, Club admins can access the Game Day menu. In addition, if given access from their Association, Club admins can also enter period and game scores and manage both teams lineups.

Both default access and access with added permissions is covered below.

Club Admin Access to Game day - Default Access

All Club admins will be able to view their own games via the Game Day menu. Selecting a date will bring up all of the club games that the club is involved in on that date. They will not be able to enter game scores unless they have been given additional permission (see Club Admin Access to Game Day - Enter Scores section below).

Clicking on the Details button for an upcoming game will allow the club admin to:

  • manage their team's lineup and

  • download a game sheet

The green padlock signifies that the access is open for a club admin to edit.

Once the team is selected, the lineup can continue be edited.

For a game in pending status or In-Progress status the club admin can:

  • manage their team's lineup

  • download a game sheet and

  • enter player statistics

For a game in Final status, club admin access is locked and the club can only:

  • view game and period scores (if period scores is enabled)

  • view their team's lineup

  • download a gamesheet

  • view player statistics

Club Admin Access to Game day - Enter Scores

Within grade settings (competition and individual grades) there is a setting called “Allow clubs to enter scores.'' The default is OFF for all sports. As well as managing lineups and statistics (as per the default settings above), enabling this setting will allow Club admins to:

  • enter scores via the admin portal via game day and for their game and period scores, in game details once the game goes into an in-progress or pending status.

  • manage their own line-ups and stats or for both teams, with access to the opposition limited until the game goes into an in-progress or pending status.

  • set a lock access time when club admins will no longer be able to manage scores and stats after the game has commenced. This can also be set to “season end”, so clubs are never locked out


If the club misses this window and is locked out of entering results, the association can provide 24 hour Temporary Club Access by toggling it on for the specific game:


Team Staff

These settings also apply to club team staff, club team managers and club coaches in the Participant Portal

Learn more.

Cricket Specific

Cricket Club Administrators do not have access to enter scores in Game Day. Administrators can enter scores in Game Details by selecting a game.

For games in upcoming status, as per the default access, the club admin can:

  • manage their team's lineup

  • download a gamesheet

The green padlock signifies that the access is open for a club admin to edit.

For a game that moves into In-progress (and not being live scored) or pending status, the club admin can:

  • enter scores in game day

Within the game details page, club admins can:

  • enter game and period scores

  • manage their team's lineup and player statistics (or for both teams-if given access)

  • download a gamesheet (or both teams-if given access )

Warning - This will prevent the game from being e-scored.

For games that are being Live Scored & the playing time has not elapsed, you will have to wait until the end of the game before being able to enter scores:

For a game in final status, the club admin can still access, override results and manage games as long as the lockout time hasn’t expired. By hovering over the padlock, help text with the access periods will appear.


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