Release Notes - 5th December 2022

We are excited to announce the below features will be released in PlayHQ UAT environment on Tuesday 30th November 2022 and production on Monday 5th December 2022.

Feature Description 

Update to incidents and suspensions reports

This update to both the Incidents and Suspensions Reports includes non-game incidents plus additional requested fields, see support article for full list of fields. Furthermore, the Incidents report has been relocated from the 'Reports > Competitions' tab to the 'Reports > Discipline' tab.

Applicable to: Association Administrators
Application: Admin Portal > Reports > Discipline

Logic change to cancelled games

Cancelled games will no longer count as an ‘appearance’ or a ‘games played’ for participants selected in line-ups.

Applicable to: Association and Club Administrators, Participants
Application: Admin Portal > Reports
Participant Portal > Career Statistics

Enhancement to search within participant portal

Multiple enhancements have been made for when searching for associations and clubs from the participant portal (

Applicable to: Everyone
Application: Public Site (


Feature Description 

Alternate % column for non-cricket ladders (F/(F+A)*100)

Primarily used throughout South Australian sport, this alternate percentage column option is calculated by: (F/(F+A)*100)
Definitions: F = For, A = Against

This alternate equation doesn't exceed 100%. Association Admins can only use one of the percentages within ladders, the option of ""F/A Percentage"" or this new ""Alt Percentage"" can be chosen at the competition level and for individual grades. It will be defaulted as ""F/A Percentage"".

See this support article for more information on how ladders are calculated.

Applicable to: Association Administrators
Application: Admin Portal > Competition > Settings > Game Defaults > Ladder Settings
Admin Portal > Competition > Season > Grade > Game > Ladder Settings


Feature Description 

Re-ordering of bowling statistics

Update across PlayHQ Cricket platform to show bowling statistics in order of Overs (O), Maidens (M), Runs (R) and Wickets (W). This also includes the relocation of Wides (WD) and No-Balls (NB) to the last columns.

Applicable to: Everyone
Application:Admin Portal > Game Day > Game Details
Participant Portal > Match Centre

Showing the over number on the main scoresheet interface

Within electronic scoring (, the over number was previously only displayed within the event log. In addition, the over number is displayed above the team scores.

Applicable to: Scorers
Application: Electronic Scoring Portal v2.32.2 (

Showing the scorecard as its own menu item

Within electronic scoring (, whilst using a tablet device, in order to access the scorecard, scorer's previously needed to tap the 'Options' menu followed by 'Scorecard'. 'Scorecard' now has its own standalone menu item to increase visibility and utilisation.

Applicable to: Scorers
Application: Electronic Scoring Portal v2.32.2 (

Device Takeover Enhancements

Scorers who are scoring offline, will be now see an offline symbol whilst scoring a game. In addition, an updated warning message will appear when taking the game over to notify scorer that scores will be lost if they take over from an offline device.

Applicable to: Scorers
Application: Electronic Scoring Portal v2.32.2 (

Team Total Display Fix

Team totals with 0 wickets will show 0/ instead of just the runs (ie 0/45 not 45) on both the Game Day Page and Fixture List within Admin Portal.

Applicable to:Association and Club Administrators
Application: Admin Portal > Game Day > Game Details

Update to Grace Period Logic

When a player is brought back in after being Retired Not Out, they will no longer receive a new grace period.

Applicable to: Scorers
Application: Electronic Scoring Portal v2.32.2 (

Select Next Bowler Enhancements

On the selecting a new bowler window, the 'Scorecard' button has been added, so scorers can view bowling statistics and team scores when selecting a new bowler. In addition, the ability to click outside the window has been removed, which incorrectly starts a new over with the wrong bowler, causing overs to be skipped accidentally.

Applicable to: Scorers
Application: Electronic Scoring Portal v2.32.2 (

Duckworth Lewis Stern (DLS) Calculator

Through the Duckworth Lewis Stern (DLS) calculations, the PlayHQ eScoring application will now provide a real-time indication of which team is winning the match. In addition, the DLS calculator can be utilised to determine match results and amended total targets. Learn more via this support article.

Applicable to: Scorers
Application: Electronic Scoring Portal v2.32.2 (

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