Entering and updating player statistics

The Game Day section offers authorised association and club administrators an opportunity to access games and update in-game player statistics for players who have been selected for a team's line-up.

Association administrators can control whether club administrators have access to enter scores and statistics.

Team staff who have been provided the required level of Management Access to their team can enter and update player statistics via the MyTeams view in their PlayHQ Account.


If a game is to be electronically scored, do not enter or update any scores or player statistics for the game until the scores and statistics for all Innings from electronic scoring have been successfully recorded in Game Day and the game is in a Finalised status.

To enter or update in-game player statistics, you'll need to navigate to a game's Game Detail page.

There are two ways to access the Game Details page:

Option 1 - From the Fixture view of the Grade, select the 3 dot ellipse for the relevant game and then select Update Scores & Stats.


Option 2 - From the left-hand main menu, select Game Day, select the day that the game was played, locate the game, and then select Details


Navigating via either option displays the Game Details page. 


If Team line-ups have not previously been set, confirm the team line-up for each team by selecting Select Team
Note: If you cannot Edit the game, please contact your association administrator.

With team line-ups set, select Scorecard, select the Toss winner, and whether they elected to Bat or Bowl.


To add or adjust Player Statistics, select the relevant Innings (1), and add Batting and Bowling statistics to players.

Batters statistics include the batter's Status (2), Statistics (3), and the Dismissal type including Fielder and Bowler (if appropriate to dismissal type) (4).

You can reorder batters to their correct batting order, using a 'click, drag and drop' method to move players up or down the batting list (5).

Enter the number of any Extras as appropriate.



Section Item Description
1 Innings Select the appropriate Innings to enter statistics. The number of Innings available is dependent on game configuration settings available to the association administrator.
2 Status Set the batter's batting status. Options are: Out, Not out, Retired Not Out, Did Not Bat.
3 Statistics Enter the batter's statistics. Options are available for: Runs, Balls, 4's, 6's.
4 Dismissal type Set the dismissal type as appropriate. There are a number of options available. 
5 Reorder batters 'Click, drag and drop' players to their appropriate batting order.


Select the Fall of Wickets to select the batters who were dismissed and enter the Innings score at the time of their dismissal.


Bowling statistics

Select bowlers as appropriate.

Enter the applicable number of Overs, Maidens, Wides, No Balls, Wickets, Runs, and reorder the bowlers as appropriate using the 'click, drag and drop' method.


Screen_Shot_2022-11-04_at_2.01.58_pm.pngRepeat by selecting the 2nd (and any further) Innings and entering the relevant statistics for each additional Innings.

Enter the overall game score as appropriate. Select Update Changes to save. A success message will confirm the updated game results have been saved.

Statistics recorded to a 'fill-in' player

If a 'fill-in' player has played in the game and has now subsequently registered, you can add the now registered player to the team line-up, and remove the fill-in player's record, thus effectively 'swapping' these records. In doing so, any in-game statistics that show for the fill-in player will need to be entered again for the registered player so make note of these before removing the fill-in record. You can swap the fill-in by selecting the fill-ins name in the list of batters or by adding to the player's registered record to the list of bowlers.

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