Release Notes - 2nd November 2022

We are excited to announce the below features will be released in PlayHQ UAT environment on Thursday 27th October 2022 and production on Wednesday 2nd November 2022.

Feature Description 

Non-Game incident for a player

Gives administrators the ability to capture a non-game incident within PlayHQ. An example use case of this would be if a player were to break the social media code of conduct.
Learn more via the support article.

Applicable to: Admin Body and Association Administrators
Application: Admin Portal > Incidents > Non-Game Incident

Allow temporary game scoring access for clubs within admin portal

This gives Association Admins the ability to allow temporary game access (unlock) beyond the set lockout duration. This temporary access will last 24 hours from the time that access is given.

Applicable to: Association and Club Administrators
Application: Admin Portal > Competition > Settings > Grade Defaults > General Settings

Relocation of incidents section to main menu

Relocation of incidents section from Game Day to its own stand-alone main menu item, which includes both game and non-game incident sections.

Applicable to:Admin Body and Association Administrators
Application: Admin Portal > Incidents



Feature Description 

Adding emergency players above the line-up limit

Enables club administrators and participants with management access the ability to select more than 22 players in a line-up.

Applicable to: Club Administrators, Coaches, Captains, Team Managers
Application: Admin Portal > Game Day > Edit Details > Edit Line-Up
Participant Portal > My Teams > Game > Edit Line-Up

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