This articles describes how to split an innings in the PlayHQ e-scoring application


Split Innings feature is only available for Two Day Games.

Splitting an innings allows the scorer to pause the 1st teams 1st innings and commence the 2nd teams 1st innings. This allows both teams to bat and bowl without needing to complete an innings. Once an innings is paused, it can be resumed at any point.

You may continually pause and resume each teams 1st innings as many times as you like, but can never split their 2nd innings.

Split innings

During the 1st teams 1st innings, select Actions

Select Split innings

Review the scores if required, and Select Split Innings

Set up the 2nd teams innings as required, by selecting the batters and bowler and select Start New Innings

You can see the 1st teams innings has been paused

Resume Innings

To resume the 1st teams innings, select the Actions button

Select Split innings

Select Resume Previous innings

You can see the 2nd teams 1st innings has now been paused

To resume their innings, follow the steps above

End Innings

Ending an innings will happen as usual when all batters being dismissed, or by manually ending the Innings via the Actions button.

No teams 2nd innings will commence until both teams 1st innings have been completed.

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