This article describers how to adjust the game parameters for T20 & One Day games on the PlayHQ e-scoring application

To adjust the over limit in an innings, select the Actions button


Select Parameters


Change the Over Limit by using the plus and minus icons or by entering in the new number


If the 2nd team is batting, you can also adjust their target total.

Currently the target total will automatically default to the 1st teams score plus 1. From mid-December 2022, it will automatically default to a calculated number based Duckworth Lewis-Stern 4.0 methodology

To update the target total, toggle on the override switch, and enter the new target for 2nd team.

Select Update & Resume


The new over limit and target total will be displayed in the parameters section of the scoresheet


The innings or game will now automatically end when either the new over limit or target total has been reached

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